Quick Insert...    
 WithThis Tool you can insert images objects or comments in the spreadsheet.    
This tools resize your objects (shapes or comments) to cell size.    
Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard    
It is a double button - with 2 functions

- Configure your preferences (Quick Insert Images - Settings button)
-Apply your preferences  (Quick Insert button)

The top of the button with black borders (Quick Insert button)
Allows access to the browser Quick insert

The part with red border (drop down menu)  - (Quick Insert Images - Settings button)
Allows access to the configuration area ...

Once the configuration is saved the quick insert button executes
The insertion of images according to this configuration.
Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard    
Clicking on the top of the button
You will have access to the browser of easy selection of images
All images you insert will adjust to the setting that I indicated in Quick settings dialog box.
If you need a single image .. click on the image and press the ok button    
Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard    
Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard     
When you open the drop-down part you can access the settings section Here you can set your preferences before inserting images into cells or comments.    
In this dialog box you can indicate

Insert Into:
Where to insert (cells or comments)
The orientation of how to insert images (rows or columns) Vertical or horizontal

Add Cell reference to:
From this section you can indicate
If you want to add:

Full name
Only name
Do not insert reference
Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard